Umetnici kao kulturni brendovi

Iako je umetnost sada dostupnija nego ikad, često je manje cenjena i vrednovana od strane javnosti. U Fibi-ju verujemo da možemo imati pozitivan uticaj na ovaj problem.

Oftentimes we hear artists say how terrifying the whiteness of a blank page can be. Even more terrifying would be a world without art, a world where no one would have the drive or talent to express themselves. That’s hard to imagine, because we’re constantly surrounded by art – from paintings, books, and illustrations to marketing and social media. On the other hand, although artwork is now more available than ever, it is often less appreciated and valued by the public.

In Fibi, we believe that we can make a positive impact on this issue by sharing the story that each work of art has to tell and bringing it closer to people through their actual collaboration. In this way, every untold story gets a chance to be heard and understood (or not). Lastly, stating the obvious, Fibi is a Serbian brand and we love and appreciate our local artists, maybe because they are just closer to us and we can understand them better, but maybe also because they bring us closer to the rest of the world, introducing us to all the different cultures and people. After all, apart from love, art is also about bringing people together.