Fibi je koncept dizajna i životnog stila s posebnim fokusom na spajanju umetnosti, umetnika i publike.

The unapologetic time of consumerism has made its impact on art as well, putting quantity ahead of quality at all times. As a result, the art itself is now consumed instead of enjoyed, valued, and appreciated. Our idea is to reestablish the value and importance of art with a widely known concept and a new approach. How, you ask? Using puzzles. Although, our puzzles have a very special touch – the pictures we are using are authentic art pieces, designed by actual artists.

As simple as it may seem, the activity of putting piece by piece a work of art together is kind of magical, isn’t it? You are literally holding in your hands “a piece of art”, you are actually making an effort to put the picture together in order to achieve the same goal as the artist himself – creating art. This shared goal between the artist and their audience, creates a very special connection, which on the other hand is our goal – achieving the unique bond.

Fibi was founded by Slobodan and Sofija Miljuš with the idea to share the Fibi concept with others. Together we fit like a complementary puzzle, and that is something we strive to apply to Fibi as well.